Rube’s Mission

Ever since I can remember, I have loved anything with two or more wheels.

Unicycles aren’t really my thing, but bikes, trikes, cars, trucks, SUVs, Land Rovers, construction equipment… and Jeeps! I’ve always loved Jeeps, and have always wanted one to call my own.

I’ve also always been fascinated by mankind’s innate desire, perhaps need, to explore. Perhaps it’s the natural allure of exploration and my love of vehicles that enamored me with the idea of the “Great American Road Trip” as a child, and had me dreaming of one day taking a road trip of my own to explore the natural wonders this world has to offer, like Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Rocky Mountains, and the redwood forests. As I grew older, these childhood interests evolved into an attraction to stories of vehicular expeditions like Expedicion de las Americas led by the legendary Mark A. Smith, the Camel Trophy, and other stories like that of Gunter & Christine Holtorf and Otto, their unstoppable Mercedes 300 GD.

These stories renewed my childhood dream of taking my own “Great American Road Trip,” and Rubicon “Rube” Goldberg is the vehicle for that dream. This dream has already taken me from Georgia to Colorado, first on a road trip, and then permanently.

At the end of September 2016, my fiancée and I packed up our whole life and moved West, from Atlanta to Denver. I’m a born and bred Georgia boy, and I’ve called the Peach Sate “home” for most of my life, but I am excited for the adventures I will have, the friends I will meet, and the memories I will make in the Centennial State.

I’ll be outfitting Rube for expeditions that I hope will take me through parts of the U.S. and Canada that I haven’t seen, and that can only be seen with a 4×4. With that goal in mind, the theme of the build will be that of an overland journey / expedition-style vehicle.

For the stats and specifics on the build, keep up with the blog and head over to the “About Rube” page!

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